5 tips for a winning routine

5 tips for a winning routine

5 tips for a winning routine

There are some aspects that are required to create a well choreographed routine, that impacts on the audience and, of course, can be a winner in competitions and festivals.

Creativity, style, musicality, connection are some of the most recognized.  However, here we share the tips and recommendations of Samy El Mágico and Carolina, professional dancers and judges of the World Latin Dance Cup 2019, for the preparation of a winning routine:


Musicality and rhythm are essential aspects in the production of choreographic works.  Even when dancers have total management of technique, good posture, physical conditions, flexibility and expression, if they don’t have control of musicality, the rest of attributes are overshadowed. 

The first step with music is to identify a song that motivates dancers and help them to communicate what they want.   Dancers should have a complete knowledge about the genders they will perform. Samy and Carolina indicate that it’s important to respect musical times and take advantage of musicality to give strength to a choreography routine.


It is characterized by the execution of body movements according to the dance style. In case of latin rhythms, the technique is influenced by the mastery of musical times.  Control and mastery of the genre’s technique, such as salsa, bachata, tango or any other latin rhythm, is one of the aspects that must be reviewed when preparing a routine for competition.

Acrobatics and twists add another level to the choreography, but if there is no control over the basic movement, the quality is affected. 

Interaction with the public:

The main vocation of the dancers is the need of artistic expression to an audience. For choreographers and the dancers, the presence of the other, an audience or a judge is important.  A choreography is a discourse that has the intention of interact with the public, being the final destination the exhibition. 

In latin rhythms the interaction is centered on wake up emotions in the audience through impressive movements, sensations such as emotion and strength in salsa, bachata and urban dance; and the drama and romanticism in tango.

Connection between dancers:

The connection with a dancer is achieved with time and with practice.  There is a good chance that a couple or team who are connected will become champions because their security is immediately perceived on stage.  Connection let dancers to be safe and the choreography to look clean.

Stage control:

Stage management is important when dancers interact with the audience. There are two important elements that are the displacements and the formations.  A choreography cant be static, it means it has to be the most dynamic as possible. The formations are important in team routines because they have big number of dancers, so they can take advantage of space and produce effects in the spectator.

Finally, one of the points our judges have highlighted is that practice time is important to achieve an impeccable routine. They recommend to start working on it with a minimum of two months, and to rehearse as much time as possible to correct errors.

Are you ready with your routine for this World Latin Dance Cup?

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