Cabaret: New Categories

Cabaret: New Categories

Cabaret: New Categories

The organization of the World Latin Dance Cup, regarding to the benefits of the Latin rhythms dancers of the world, has opened new categories in the Cabaret division.   It means that amateur and semi professional couples and groups are available to compete in cabaret division, showing their talent in this area.

The Cabaret division is one of the most popular for its acrobatic figures who cause emotion in the public because of their difficulty.  The Rules specify that who present their choreographies in Cabaret must perform a maximum of 10 tricks, lifts or acrobatics. 

We recommend to our participants to review the concepts of tricks, lifts and acrobatics, before prepare their choreography.

1.   Team Salsa Semi Pro Cabaret

2.   Team Salsa Men Semi Pro Cabaret

3.   Team Salsa Ladies Semi Pro Cabaret

4.   Team Bachata Semi Pro Cabaret

5.   Couple Salsa Semi Pro Cabaret

6.   Couple Salsa Men Semi Pro Cabaret

7.   Couple Salsa Ladies Semi Pro Cabaret

8.   Couple Bachata Semi Pro Cabaret

9.   Team Salsa Amateur Cabaret

10.   Team Salsa Men Amateur Cabaret

11.   Team Salsa Ladies Amateur Cabaret

12.   Couple Salsa Amateur Cabaret

13.   Couple Salsa Men Amateur Cabaret

14.   Couple Bachata Amateur Cabaret

To learn more about how to participate in each division, don’t forget to visit the Official Competition Rules, here.


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