Download SETTLE and experience the World Latin Dance Cup

Download SETTLE and experience the World Latin Dance Cup

Download SETTLE and experience the World Latin Dance Cup

The tenth edition of the World Latin Dance Cup is systematized through SETTLE. This software was designed specifically for the control and management of the event. Although the system has already been used in past competitions, for this year it renewed thinking about the comfort of our participants.

Those who have already completed the registration process, surely already had their first experience with SETTLE. Remember: all competitors  must download the application on their mobile phones, either through App Store or Play Store.

Also, from the application you can carry out other processes such as watching the competition through streaming, get personalized information about everything that happens in the event, detailed information, immediately know the score after competing. And the validation process that is essential before being registered.

Here we define both process:

Validation: This action must be completed before the registration process at the venue.  It is a new option that takes place in Settle and allows the competitor to review each division, validate  personal data and approve the song. To do this, competitors must log in with their username and password. At the end of the validation process, you will receive a summary with the divisions in which you will participate.

Tutorial Video, here.

Registration: This process will take place on Friday, December 6 at Coliseo Yesid Santos, for which all competitors must present themselves and have the application activated on their smartphones. Each one must log in to their Settle account, enter the World Latin Dance Cup event, go to the competitor section and click on the Scan button.  There they must scan their QR code and immediately the registration process will be ready.

We recommend bringing your smartphones ready and the application activated to avoid delays and inconveniences during the process. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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