Importance of learning for dancers

Importance of learning for dancers

Importance of learning for dancers

The dancer, like any other professional, must be in a process of continuous training in order to improve his or her abilities and aptitudes, and obtain opportunities for professional growth and development within his field.

Talent of the dancers is manifested and transmitted by their bodies, but theoretical training also becomes an essential tool for their artistic development.  Dancers like art professional must be aware of each of its educational processes, because dance as any other discipline requires studies, training and research.

A professional dancer, like any artist, requires the understanding of basic concepts that respond to the field of art. For example, a clear vision of culture and its relationship to dance, understanding  its transformation according to the evolution of the human being. Understand the functioning and origin of dance genres, musical training, art history and basic concepts about the performing arts.

It is common knowledge that the career of the dancer has certain stereotypes within society, considering it as an unproductive career.  However, part of bringing the dancer’s career into a professional and profitable field requires study and preparation as other careers.

Susana Montero, President of the Disciplinary Committee of the World Latin Dance Cup, emphasizes this when she relates the career of an engineer with the career of a dancer.  While the engineer spends hours studying and learning to design, the dancer needs many hours of ballet, practice and rehearsal to improve his physical condition.  For Susana Montero, success in the dancer’s career focuses on originality and constant learning.

In case of dancers dedicated to teaching, it is important for them to have clear theoretical and technical knowledge about their field.  At this moment, responsibility of correctly training falls over them. Such is the case of Susana Montero, who has directed all her knowledge and experience to work in a specific dance teaching system.   

The integral formation of the dancer is important in order to guarantee the artistic quality in their creative processes.  The dancer’s career must have a holistic formation where their professional career can be carried out in different art spaces.  Once again the case of Susana Montero is given as an example, who has been able to take her career as a dancer to different formats such as cinema, television and academia.

The organization of the World Latin Dance Cup, as an entity that provides support to dancers of latin rhythms, is conscious of the need for continuous training and learning of those who are dedicated to dance. Therefore, within its program are practical workshops conducted by figures recognized in the world of dance.

These workshops are directed to Latin rhythms in order to increase knowledge about different styles and genres.  Also, conferences focused on the importance of the professionalization of art and culture, habits and health care of the dancer, dance history, among others.

To learn more about the workshops of the World Latin Dance Cup, click HERE.

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