Medellín: where the tango lives as a tradition

Medellín: where the tango lives as a tradition

Medellín: where the tango lives as a tradition

Medellín is one of the worldwide recognized places to appreciate tango. It has even been mentioned on several occasions that the city is the capital of this rhythm, because the most famous interpreter, Carlos Gardel, died in the city in an accident in 1935. However, long before, Tango was already one of the favorite genres of locals and that’s one of the reasons why Gardel visited Medellín.

The World Latin Dance Cup team has dedicated to understand a little about Medellín as a tango city, considering that this is one of the divisions that will be competing in this tenth edition.

To live the Tango in Medellin, one of the recommended activities is to visit Salón Málaga located in the downtown. Getting here is like going back in time when tango, boleros and pasillos were the favorite music. We spoke with its manager César Arteaga, who inherited the business from his father who was one of the founders more than 60 years ago.

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Artega tells us that Tango is not only about dancing, its about feeling each one of its lyrics. That is the main reason why people -especially older- gather in Malaga to remember past times through the lyrics of Tango. They listen to it, they dance to it and they feel it. Also young people and foreigners attend to take classes and introduce themselves in the world of Tango; its music, its lyrics, its dance.

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As for dancing, when we visited Malaga and talked with William Hernández, we understood that to dance tango you don’t have to be professional. As he expresses it in order to dance to it, it is necessary to let oneself be carried away and, above all, to feel the music. Dancing tango is something spontaneous, there is no need to plan it; however, it is important to understand the structure of the dance and its basic steps.

There is no doubt that Medellín is a traditional tango city. Even in the year 2000, Tango was declared the artistic, social and cultural heritage of the city. That’s why we recommend to each of our competitors and especially to those passionate about the genre, to experiment the popular culture of tango that is lived in traditional places of the city. It will be an incredible experience!

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