For 10 years we have been creating spaces for the best dancers from all over the world to show their skills and passion for dance.  Therefore, in this edition of the World Latin Dance Cup we present 7 new categories for new talents to show new dance styles.

The new categories which you can apply are: Tango, Latin Urban Dance, Limitless, Over 75, Family, Semi Pro and Live Music Dance. Next, we detail each one of the categories that will awake the interest of all those who will be part of the World Latin Dance Cup 2019.


Tango is one of the most representative genres of Argentina, however, its technique, knowledge and passion has extended to dancers around the world, becoming one of the most internationally recognized latin rhythms. The elegance, romanticism and sensuality transmitted in the stage, make this genre the most awaited for this World Latin Dance Cup 2019. The competitors who are going to show their talent in this category will have to do their choreographic production in tango, milonga or Argentine waltz. In addition, they can use other dance techniques as long as they benefit and maintain the essence of Tango.

Latin Urban Dance

The 10th edition of the World Latin Dance Cup will be full of emotions and energy, part of this is the performance of the Urban category, where dancers will awaken the senses of the public with their challenging movements. This competition space is different from the rest because it shows a new musical generation that reflects a daily life and its called “street style”. The musical genres allowed within this division are reggaeton, latin trap, spanish reggae and dembow.


In this category compete people who have transformed their disability into a “super-capacity” that allows them to express themselves and shine in the same way as other competitors.  On stage, differences are erased, and through music and dance they are able to express themselves without any limitation. With this category, the WLDC ratifies its intention to consolidate dance as a unifying and life-transforming language. We hope this new division will become a stimulus for all our competitors, because the capacities are multiple, what changes is the vision and attitude to meet objectives.

Over 75

This category in competition is characterized because the ages of the dancers must have the minimum addition of 75 years. Competitors can participated from the age of 30, and it´s division has been opened for those dancers who can take advantage of this peculiar characteristic to compete within the WLDC2019. Only the categories of professional, semi-professional and amateur couples can participate.


The acclaimed Junior and Emily dancers have become the ideal figure to demonstrate that talent and art can be enjoyed in family.  Sometimes, in family is easy to connect, taking into account that by the existing relationship there is already a previous work in teamwork, leadership and union.  As this situation has been demonstrated, the WLDC opened a special division for those who wish to show their talent on stage with a family member.  In this division there are no age restrictions and groups or couples from the same family can participate.  The rhythms that can be included are Salsa, Bachata, Chachachá, Latin Urban Dance and Tango.


This is the first year in which semi-professional category is opened; therefore, for no doubts, we will explain in detail what this hierarchy consists of.  This space has been opened for those dancers who have a high level of knowledge and practice, but have not formed an artistic career 100% dedicated to dance. It doesn’t mean they can’t show their talent and preparation in the greatest competition of latin rhythms. This also means that the dancer can earn partial income from dancing by being part of a dance company as a dancer or by accompanying an instructor in his or her classes; however, his or her economic resources comes from another professional activity.  Those who sign up for this block of competition must be people 14 years of age or older who can participate in Salsa On1 – On2, Colombian Style, Bachata, Tango, Baile Urbano Latino, Over 75 and Chachachá.

Live music dance

This is one of the categories that will raise multiple senses, as the dancers will perform with live band. It is a fusion in which music and dance work to build an aesthetic that evidences the correlation that exists between both artistic disciplines. This category will become a show that also refers to the moment in which the sense of dance was obligatorily consolidated with live music. It should be noted that the rules of this category are still in production and therefore be finalized will be shared through our official channels.

In this way, we conclude inviting you to participate in the new categories that have been opened in competition this 2019.  As we have mentioned before, knowledge, talent, strength and dedication are the key to success in the world of dance and we hope that this year will be your opportunity. Don’t forget to visit and read carefully the rules that are inside our web page.  You can see it HERE.


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