Living an international artistic experience is one of the best ways to increase competitive advantages in dance. For this reason, the World Latin Dance Cup, being a platform that covers different aspects, works for the development and growth of dancers.

For those who turn out to be winners, because of their talent and abilities, their way of life undoubtedly changes completely to take dance to the next level.  It is necessary to emphasize that the important thing is not to win, the most important is that all dancers leave their talent and passion on stage and take with them a lot of learning to continue working their career as dancers.

The World Latin Dance Cup becomes an enriching experience for all its participants for the following reasons:

  • Travel to a foreign country and share with dancers from around the world is a cultural experience that will remain in the memory of all participants. It also helps the growth of the community of Latin rhythms around the world.
  • Dance and participate in the biggest cultural event of the year allows dancers, choreographers and instructors to have a broad visibility of the future of dance.
  • The workshops and conferences offered are a source of information that expands the dancers’ knowledge, with the purpose of professionalize their artistic career.
  • Dancing on a stage of international renown allows dancers to acquire experiences and learnings. They can improve their techniques and skills until they become champions within the categories they dominate. 

The experience of Johana and Matías Ortiz, WLDC 2018 champions:

Johana and Matías, winners of the Ultimate Championship in the World Latin Dance Cup 2018, say that after this achievement their lifes changed immediately.  Being world champions meant for them to increase their hours of training to improve their technique, to be worthy representatives of the organization and to motivate other dancers to strive and dedicate themselves to achieve their goals.

For them, the dance and platforms that promote this art as the World Latin Dance Cup has allowed them to reach their dream of taking their artistic product to the whole world, to be applauded and recognized by international audiences; which undoubtedly returns the investment, passion and effort that they put since they began to dance.

Richie and Almendra, champions of the 2017 World Latin Dance Cup, were also able to bring their talent to various congresses and competitions around the world. Being champions in the biggest event of Latin rhythms allowed them to handle other aspects of dance, such as teaching in workshops and qualifying in competitions around the world.

As mentioned above, there are other examples of dancers who after having participated and won the World Latin Dance Cup their lives have been transformed to take dance to the next level. 

Will you join with us an unforgettable experience in this WLDC 2019?


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