Greece Latin Dance Cup

Greece Latin Dance Cup is the official qualifier for the World Latin Dance Cup represent your country in the WLDC 2025. This competition gathers the best dancers in each category of salsa and bachata in the country. The best dancers of this competition win the right to represent our country in the World WLDC 2025 in Cartagena Colombia from February.


Feb 18th

BLOCK 33 - Concert Hall

It is one of the most renowned Concert Halls in Thessaloniki, Greece, hosting such as several types of events as concerts, festivals, theater acts, parties etc. It is situated really close to the city center.


The official qualifying competitions for the WLDC 2025 that take place around the world operate under the same rules of the World Latin Dance Cup organization. Check the rules and regulations by clicking here.

Fees and registration

In order to compete in the qualifiers of WLDC in Greece, you need to purchase a Competitors Pass of 40 euros/competitor + the fee of the competition. If you already have a Full Pass, you do NOT need to purchase the Competitors Pass. You can purchase your Competitors Pass (or Full Pass if you want) by visiting the official website of the Greece LDC here: .

Here you can check the fees and register for any category. See more

Parthener (per person)
Team (per person)

Juries, workshop leaders and artists

Get to know the personalities who will be part of Geece Latin Dance Cup.


Awards winners and competitors with the following prizes and benefits.

  • All first place winners in all categories will be entitled to a full pass to the WLDC valued at 234 USD.

  • All first place winners in all categories will win a position in the category in which they already competed at no cost. (If competitors….)

  • All first place winners will have direct entry into the WLDC Semi-Final.

  • All second and third place winners in this competition will have a 100 USD voucher to be used towards the WLDC Full Pass.

  • All second and third place finishers will go directly to the elimination phase during the WLDC.

  • All competitors who participated in this competition will have a $40.00 voucher to be used as part of the full pass payment for the WLDC.

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