Why do we dance?

The Benefits of dancing

By: Laura Isabel Marin

Professional Tango dancer – Tangolombia

November 1, 2022

Let’s start by understanding dance as a universal language and one of the most primitive that exists even before spoken language, since the first manifestations were based on the proper functioning of the human body; the rhythm of breathing, the heartbeat and the sound that was made with nature complemented by the movement of their bodies.

Since its beginnings, dance was born as a way to communicate, express feelings, emotions and even as a way of survival, since human beings met and began to move synchronously, they danced a choreography to, together, scare away the predators.

This way of seeking to synchronize with others generates a community connection and in turn produces high-frequency emotions such as: empathy, kindness, generosity, and patience that result in endorphin discharges that in turn trigger happiness.

With dance we can express an infinite universe of possibilities because we can be as creative as we want and we can imagine and represent what is not written or what has not been said. From emotions ranging from reproach, anger, indignation to higher frequency emotions such as those mentioned above.

Why do we dance? We dance because dance is life itself, that i why we say that we dance life, we dance because it amuses us, it is the voice for some, it is what makes us human, it is the instrument and my own extension of my being, it is how I communicate, it is my freedom, it is the most vulnerable form of communication. Dance gives us the opportunity to become what we want to be, what we were, and to show what we are because it is the way to connect the most intimate and internal part of the dancer with the external world.

Here I mention the 10 important benefits of dance and why it is an activity that you should consider doing as emotional and physical therapy; or just for fun:

Benefits of dancing

  • Stimulates the brain and generates new neural connections
  • Builds self esteem
  • Can be considered an active meditation
  • Reduces stress and prevents depression
  • Improves social relationships and expands the number of friendships
  • Promotes cognitive stimulation and memory
  • It is an excellent physical exercise and also fun
  • Provides strength, endurance and flexibility
  • Keeps you young
  • Makes you happy